Your Heart Is Just as Lovely as Your Face

Music: Voluntarie.
By William Byrd. Sequenced by
John Sankey.

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Nicholas Gordon

Your heart is just as lovely as your face.
I can't believe you ever could love me.
Gifted with a more than human grace,
You're meant for some more noble destiny.
I watch you from the sidelines in a dream
That never can come true. Yet nonetheless,
My heart is happier than it might seem:
I shiver in the warmth of your caress.
I may not be the mirror for your eyes,
But fortune has been decent, on the whole.
I cannot know your heart or hear your cries,
But love for you illuminates my soul.
My looks have made me shy, so please take this
As it is meant: an unrequited kiss.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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