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Music: Goldberg Variations: Variation 21.
By Johann Sebastian Bach.
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This week's theme: Politics
February 20: Praised Be Those Who Would Distribute Power
February 21: What Promises They Make and Cannot Keep
February 22: George
February 23: What Might Make a Person Want to Lead
February 24: When the World Is Laid Waste
February 25: Position Was Always One of Your Favorite Words
February 26: The Murderous Middle Class

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The Murderous Middle Class

The murderous middle class has no
Hard evidence of harm.
Each paddles round the cubicle,
Maintained by what goes on.

Unburdened by communion with
Romantic harmonies
Discerned by a too-willing heart,
Each dreams of grace and ease.

Reason serves the scavengers, while
Only nightmares tell,
Unspeakable, the evils wrought
So they might thrive in hell.

Middle classes mind the store,
Indentured to the wind,
Demanding nothing but their due,
Decent, honest, kind.

Little do they contemplate,
Entrapped in loss and gain,
Canticles of misery
Lamenting lifelong pain.

As they consume, they wonder why
So many others have to die,
Strangled in their name.

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