Care to Come with Me to Outer Space

Music: Sonata in C (Battallia): #4 (Allegro).
By Paul Hainlein.
From the free classical sheet music collection of the W. Icking Archive,
Copyright by Michel Rondeau at
Kunst der Fuge.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Care to come with me to outer space?
On wings of will we fly across the void,
Landing in a wilderness of wonders.
Unchain yourselves from now! The present plunders
More than you imagine, dreams destroyed
By labyrinths no longing can retrace.
Ultimately, one pursues the grace
Sought by the heart, or finds oneself employed
Doing what must one's sweet substance squander.
As in my time, great seas, of sails devoid,
Yet beckon to the winds that guide the race.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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