You Left Me, but You Cannot Leave My Heart

Music: David of the White Rock.
Sequenced by Barry Taylor.

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You left me, but you cannot leave my heart.
I hold you there, with or without your will.
No matter where you go, you will be part
Of me, my dearest friend and lover still.
I'll tell you of the pain I feel, and all
The things you've done that hurt and make me bleed.
And then your icy words you will recall,
And comfort me, and give me what I need.
This I can do alone, and yet the real
You lives and lies far beyond my touch.
But since my true intention is to steal
The you I loved, the real you isn't much.
Don't worry--I'll treat you tenderly:
The lovely you, you left behind with me.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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