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Note: I will be away from August 7th to August 19th, so for this theme the poems will be divided as follows: The first two poems will appear on August 5th and 6th; the last five poems will appear from August 21st through August 25th.

The theme for this divided week is Social Issues.
August 5: Bullies Like to Pulverize Their Pain
August 6: Cheating Is a Crime Against Oneself

Cheating Is a Crime Against Oneself

Cheating is a crime against oneself,
Hardening the insufficient heart.
Each finds in lies an easy path to pleasure,
Abandoning the way that leads to joy.
The choice is ever open, but the gulf
Increases as the actor plays his part.
No one who cheats can cherish long his treasure,
Given what of self-love lies destroy.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

Audio and Video Music: Gymnopedie 1.
By Erik Satie. Music free to use at YouTube.

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