Vestments Are the Words; the Body, Feeling

Music: Voluntary in A minor for double organ.
By William Croft. Sequenced by David Cooke.

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Vestments are the words; the body, feeling;
As love is clothed in words to fit the fashion,
Letting art romanticize its passion --
Embellishing, soliciting, revealing.
Nor can a truth be true without concealing
The thousand other truths that need attention,
Insisting on at least a passing mention,
Not willing to let go without appealing.
Each love, therefore, shows more by showing less,
'Neath cloth cut well to hint at subtleties,
Setting off the swaths of naked skin.
Do, then, pay due diligence to dress,
As what one says discovers what one sees,
Yielding to and shaping what's within.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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