There Is a Point to Living Vertically

Music: Andante from Italian Concerto, BWV 971.
By Johann Sebastian Bach. Performed by Catrin Finch at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.

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There is a point to living vertically,
To being with one person all one's life,
To diving 'neath the hapless, hopeless sea
Where one might meet the wonder of one's wife.
There is a mythic journey to be taken
That has much more to do with time than place,
That finds a fortune not to be forsaken,
Measured less in pleasure than in grace.
There is between us something more than passion,
A longing for belonging, and a sense
That here is love with neither writ nor ration,
Tendered with the joy of innocence.
The years pass quickly, though the time is long;
To spend them loving well cannot be wrong.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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