A Turbonut Is Not a Nut

Music: Mikrokosmos No. 113, Bulgarian Rhythm
By Bela Bartok. Performed by Jorge Franganillo.

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Nicholas Gordon

A turbonut is not a nut:
In fact, it is quite sane.
And though it's smart, it doesn't smart
While others might cause pain.

It has some meat inside its shell,
Though hardly meet to meet;
And while most nuts are oval shaped,
Its feet are quite a feat.

It likes to think, from time to time,
It's Chairman of the Bored;
So mouse or board, it hops on board
A site it can afford.

Well, now I've bored you with the puns
That turbonuts enjoy;
I've done my due--that's all I'll do--
To buoy up girl or boy.

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