Treat Yourself Each Day to Love and Kindness

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Nicholas Gordon

Treat yourself each day to love and kindness.
Heaven is a place within the heart.
Each ritual of faith may well seem mindless,
Yet one is only whole when one is part.
Even though I may seem timid, shy,
A worrier for all who might feel pain,
Remember well the well-wrought reason why:
One gives with love what will one's love sustain.
Faith is one's connection to the whole,
The story that makes sense of the event.
How might the self seem separate from the soul
Except through love perceived as permanent?
So must we be filled with love that we
Have just a glimpse of what it means to be,
Embracing freely what we cannot know,
Each suffering what all must undergo,
Patient in the hands of mystery.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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