To the Graduate Whose Life I Share

Music: Concerto for 2 Oboes in F Major Op9 no3, 2 Adagio.
By Tomaso Albinoni. Performed by the Advent Orchestra at the Free Music Archive
under an Attribution - Share Alike license.

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Nicholas Gordon

To the graduate whose life I share,
On whose success I've laid the weight of mine:
The love and gratitude are always there;
However, on such special days they shine.
Enjoy your well-earned pomp and circumstance!
Graduations ought to be bejeweled,
Richly robed, as choreographed as dance,
A paean to a world by wisdom ruled.
Dearest soul, I find my joy in yours.
Underneath my pleasure is your smile.
As you shift your tassel*, my heart soars,
There is no inch of me that's not applause,
Embracing you in spirit all the while.

*Graduates shift the tassel on their mortar boards, or special graduation hats, from right to left at the moment they are granted their degrees.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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