Today's a Day of Love Not Just for Us

Music: Fantasia 5.
By Giovanni Bassano.
Sequenced by Curtis Clark at The Internet Renaissance Band

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Today's a day of love not just for us,
But for all of those who brought us here.
So please excuse us if we make a fuss
Over you, the ones we hold most dear.
In you we see the love we replicate
By joining on this day our separate lives.
Our choice was neither accident nor fate,
But homage to good husbands and sweet wives.
We hope to make a family just like yours,
And be to our children parents much like you.
You have been to us wide-open doors
Onto a serene and peaceful view.
We look to you with gratitude and pride.
What joy this day to have you at our side!

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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