Today's the Day I Ought to Say I Love You

Music: Fugue in C Major.
By Dietrich Buxtehude. Sequenced by David Cooke.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Today's the day I ought to say I love you,
Although I ought to say it every day.
But "ought" can stand directly in the way,
An obstacle to being honest with you.
Why can't I tell you what I feel for you?
Because a feeling's too complex to say,
Wrapped in an appropriate cliche,
Offered on the day I "ought" to tell you.
And yet this squeamishness is just a pose
Dissolved into the river of my love,
Which needs no more than one word for its name.
Beneath my wordy sophistry it flows
Like truth that one need neither test nor prove,
A happiness I need but speak to claim.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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