They Also Serve Themselves Who Lie in Wait

Music : Mathis der Maler: 2nd Movement (Grablegung).
By Paul Hindemith. Sequenced by David Siu at Kunst der Fuge.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

They also serve themselves who lie in wait,
However much they may be moved to strike.
Empty-headed fools do as they like,
Yielding the ill fortune they call fate.
Eventually, things fall into place
As patience reaps its ultimate reward.
Remember that the wise are rarely bored
Or restless as the game goes on apace.
For those who play it well, with subtlety,
Taking nothing as it might appear,
Having much desire and little fear,
Each moment is suspended ecstasy.
Success is sweetest when it is well earned,
Not snatched from some unmeditated wind.
All one loves may well be left behind,
Kindred of the heart or blood, not kind,
Each a lesson from which one has learned.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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