The Universe Is like a Symphony

Music: The Scent of Cedars.
By Philipp Weigl.
Performed by Philipp Weigl at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

The universe is like a symphony
Which you can make as lovely as you please.
Your days are just as sunny as your smiles;
Your nights as full of love as is your heart.

Every please and thank you, warm hello,
Act of kindness, generosity,
Word of sympathy, regret, compassion,
Becomes for everyone a source of light.

We are like birds in never-ending concert,
Joining happily in what we hear,
Each in turn the melody, and then
The counterpoint that lends its grace to others.

Joy is our reply to pain and death -
Exuberant, infectious, loving joy
That fills the void with laughter and with music,
That makes a mirror of the faceless deep.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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