So Might One Turn from Winter into Spring

Music: Clarinet Concerto in A: Adagio.
By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Performed by Jason Weinberger and the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra
at the Free Music Archive under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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So might one turn from winter into spring,
Emerging from the season's icy womb
Alight with life, with all the world in bloom,
So sweet a scent one cannot help but sing;
Or turn to summer as the blossoms fade,
Now whistling as one waters well one's garden,
Sensing one's terrain begin to harden,
Growing what would thrive in sun or shade;
Ramble through the summer into fall,
Each day a generous gift of lilting light,
Even though the cool wind hints of night
Too quickly, as one wishes time would stall;
Into winter turn with holiday cheer,
Needing joy to light the darkened way,
Grace that lingers through the lengthening day,
Silent celebrant of each new year.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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