Some Would Sacrifice Their Dearest Sorrows

Music: Wann ich des Morgens frueh aufsteh'
By Ludwig Senfl. Sequenced by Curtis Clark, at
The Internet Renaissance Band.

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Nicholas Gordon

Some would sacrifice their dearest sorrows
Upon the altar of a hungry faith,
Restoring with bold dreams their torn tomorrows,
Surrendering their reason to a wraith.
But one cannot by will decree the morning,
Nor find the grace to undeclare the night,
Nor live past death to some eternal dawning
Where one might see unveiled the source of light.
No, we are not the chosen of God's children,
Nor are we leaves upon a witless wind,
Nor are we loved except by our companions,
Who are more true the less that we pretend.
We must refuse to know what we don't know,
That we might be what we must undergo.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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