Sometimes a Sacrifice or Two Comes Easy

Music: Serenade for Strings.
By Antonin Dvorak.
Performed by The Advent Chamber Orchestra at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Attribution/ShareAlike license.

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Nicholas Gordon

Sometimes a sacrifice or two comes easy:
Love's a very generous reward.
Two people are in equal need quite rarely,
So one becomes the tune and one the chord.
Today I feel immeasurably lucky
To celebrate with you this milestone.
The music in my heart is very lovely.
I watch you from below, but not alone.
I'll always be exactly where you want me,
As I have faith that you will be for me.
No missing paradise will ever haunt me,
For you and I will share our melody.
I'm proud of what you've done and what you'll do.
No one could be more blessed than I with you.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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