So Let Them Be, Who Have Had Sex with Children

Music: Black Hill -- Flood.
By Cousin Silas.
Performed by Cousin Silas at Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial license.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

So let them be, who have had sex with children!
And turn Your rage on those who turned their eyes,
Intending to defend Your church with lies!
Nor were they ever fit for Your dominion!
These hypocrites are far worse than the poor
Polluted souls they moved from place to place,
Avid to avoid undue disgrace,
Trafficking in silence to be sure.
Remember them when You return! For they,
Instead of proper penance, yet remain
Cardinals, bishops, princes in Your name,
Knowing well what price they ought to pay!

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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