Should One See Darkness or the Turn to Light

Music: Wann ich des Morgens frueh aufsteh'
By Ludwig Senfl.
Sequenced by Curtis Clark, at The Internet Renaissance Band.

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Nicholas Gordon

Should one see darkness or the turn to light?
Each sees with the heart more than the eye.
As winter looms, the sun starts towards its height,
Slightly higher in each noontide sky.
One finds in this a useful metaphor,
Neatly rendered in the holiday.
Since ancient times, perhaps since long before,
Glad tidings came as Earth in darkness lay.
Remember always how the seasons turn:
Each solstice of one's sorrow is a sign,
Even if not easy to discern,
That in that hour the sun begins to climb.
In joy and laughter, fellowship and praise,
Now sing of sanguine winter holidays --
Grace amid the darkness, dawn at night,
Songs of birth and bounty, love and light!

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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