Share a Bit of Sunshine on Dark Days

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Nicholas Gordon

Share a bit of sunshine on dark days,
Enduring with a smile and a song,
As those lit by your laughter sing along,
Singing down the winter's frozen ways.
Open up your heart to holidays,
Nor can a bit of jollity be wrong,
Singing of life's pleasures loud and long,
Giving voice to all that sadness sways.
Remember that the winterscape is stark,
Each naked branch a-shiver in the wind,
Each grassy field knee-deep in drifted snow,
The white world waiting for an early night.
In such times one's windows light the dark,
Not shuttered that the world might see within
Glimpses of warm inner rooms that glow,
Shining with sincere yet willed delight.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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