Say There's Neither Santa Claus nor God

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Say there's neither Santa Claus nor God;
Eight days of light require eight days of oil;
All humankind is rich, recycled sod;
Souls can't shuffle off this mortal coil.
One longs for a community of spirit
Not based on faith in something mystical,
Sustained by love of life as we must live it,
Gift that is itself a miracle.
Reason seems to one most reasonable,
Even though there's much it can't explain.
Embracing faith seems inconceivable;
The act of prayer seems poignant but inane.
In such a case, one joins a non-church church,
Needing for one's spiritual search
Grace that comes from the pursuit of good
Shared with those who will the world one would.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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