Saviors Seldom Surface Nowadays

Music: Ma mere l'oye - 5: Le Jardin Feerique.
By Maurice Ravel.
Performed by Felipe Sarro at Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.

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Saviors seldom surface nowadays,
Even though they're needed just as much.
Although a suffering population prays,
Salvation rarely is revealed as such.
Only long ago did miracles
Numb the vocal chords of disbelief.
Signs and wonders turned to canticles,
Giving souls some spiritual relief.
Rest assured, saviors still surround us,
Each a bit of light, though little known,
Each a sign of miracles around us,
The wonders we must seek out on our own.
In our time, yes, the fuel-less flames still burn,
Not least within our temporary urn.
Grace still comes to us on every morn,
Still a miracle, of our love born.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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