Regarding Marriage: Whose Idea Was This

Music: Aria Variata, BVW989, Variation #1.
by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Performed by Brendan Kinsella at the Free Music Archive
under a Copyright-Only Dedication license.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Regarding marriage: Whose idea was this?
Isn't each poor shimmering star alone?
Can a nimble munchkin alter at the altar
His/her belief that his/her soul is his/her own?
Is a former frog to die in bit and halter,
Ever disenchanted with a kiss?

A star spins slowly through a field of bliss,
No motion save what does all motion alter,
Dependent on the love of every stone.

Just so are we the music of a psalter
Unknowing, moved by melodies we miss.
Didn't the maid move blindly towards that kiss?
Yet happily they wed, as is well known.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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