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Below is a list of poetry sites that you may want to try out. I will be adding new sites regularly, so please check back.

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  • Acrostic.me--Acrostic poems from Bible verses, arranged by Daniel Lamb.
  • Adjectives that Start with ...--Thousands of adjectives listed under the letters they start with. An aid to writing acrostic poems, playing scrabble, and doing crossword puzzles.
  • AZLovePoems.com--A large collection of romantic love poems.
  • Be Happy Zone--An inspirational web site with poems, quotes, and articles to help the visitor become or remain happy. Also publishes short submissions.
  • Black Cat Poems--An extensive collection of poems, including verse by Arthur Rimbaud, Li Bai, Robert Frost, Hafez, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and many more poets from around the world.
  • Book of Spirals--Poems, stories, music, meditations, and a lot more by Scott W. Hill.
  • Classic Poetry: Classic Poets and Classical Poems--Famous poets from all around the world. 16,500 classic poems from 1,100 classic poets. All indexed. Read or Search.
  • Collection of Poetry--From many famous poets. Poems are classified by both poet and subject.
  • DarkHorse--A strange but imaginatively designed site with poetry, graphics, and fiction to come. The poetry is R-rated.
  • Dylan Harris--Poems on a variety of topics.
  • Elite Skills--An online poetry club where you can submit your poetry, thoughts, or stories for comment. Includes tutorials, resources, and classic writing.
  • Famous Poems and Poets.com--A large collection of poems and quotes from over 500 poets.
  • Feature My Poem--A showcase for poets where you can submit your poems and have them reviewed. The best poems are put on a featured panel on the front page of the Web site.
    Funny Poems for Free--A collection of funny poems on a wide variety of topics by Denise Rodgers.
  • ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **--29 Poems by Jason Paul Fox--a poetry site with links to Fox's art and fiction. Some of the poetry and art is for adults.
  • Free Poems Online--Poems by Anna Williams free for Internet use. Also accepts submissions.
  • Friendship Poems--Poems on friendship and love, including best friendship poems, true friend poems, inspirational friendship poems, and more.
  • In the Arms of God--Christian and inspirational poems, devotionals, books, e-books, gifts, and creative art.
  • Inspirational Poems.net--Free inspirational poems, many submitted by readers. You can add your own inspirational poems to this site.
  • JSMagic.Net--Poetry by Jan presented with incredibly rich graphics for a wide variety of holidays.
  • Mylovepoet--Poems, mostly about love and relationships. Also offers personalized poems for a fee.
  • Poem and Poet--An anthology of poetry together with the story behind each poem. Accepts submissions.
  • Poemas-del-alma--A compilation of the greatest poems of recognized poets in Spanish.
  • PoemPoemPoem.com--A reference point for anyone who is looking for poems, poetry publishing, poets, and poetic resources.
  • Poems and Quotes--Poems classified by subject. Users can review and rate poems, as well as submit their own.
  • Poems-and-Poetry.com--Free poems (many by me) on a wide variety of topics. You may submit poems to this site.
  • Poems by Jen--A collection by Jennifer Whitenight.
  • Poems by Tre--Poems and message boards.
  • Poems that Rhyme--Rhyming poems in a wide variety of categories, free for personal use.
  • Poet Club--A place to submit your poetry.
  • poetryvibe.com--A place to submit your strictly urban poetry.
  • Poetseers--A comprehensive collection of spiritual and illumining poetry.
  • Poetry Contest--Submit your original poem for a chance to win the League of American Poets Poetry Contest.
  • Poetry 4 Kids--Funny poems for children by Milou.
  • Poetry Platter--Resources, help, and links to online and print publishing for poets.
  • Poetry Scriber--An online social poetry network for poetry writers and storytellers.
  • Poetry Today Online--A Web poetry center, including poetry e-zines, reviews of poetry pages throughout the Web, poetry contests, chat rooms, and much more.
  • Poetry Writing and Analysis Guide--A compendium of Web resources on the history of poetry, poetic forms, suggestions for reading and writing poetry, etc.
  • PRA Poems--A Christian daily inspirational poem Web site. Offers free short inspirational poems and a companion Bible verse reference link in a daily email.
  • Quotes Poems Love--Quotes and poems for him and her, along with some advice about how to write them.
  • Raymond A. Foss--Over 2,330 poems, mostly religious, and 680 pictures.
  • Romantic Poems--Personal love poems by Gary R. Hess.
  • Rumi Love Poems--An online collection of romantic, divine love poems by the 13th century Sufi mystic, Rumi.
  • Sad Love Poems--Reader submitted and rated sad love poems. Part of a larger site called "Lover of Sadness."
  • Sacred Poems--Inspirational poems by Robert Longley on a variety of topics. Some poems written on request.
  • Short Poems.org--Short poems by Sri Aurobindo, Sri Chinmoy, Emily Dickinson, Hafiz, and Rumi.
  • Shubham Dhiman: The Poetry of Life--Poems on social issues by a computer science engineer.
  • Sparrow's Garden/ Poetry for Children--Poems by Katharine L. Sparrow.
  • Sri Chinmoy Poetry--a selection of poetry by Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual teacher who is seeking to offer the world inspiration though his music, and other artistic endeavours.
  • thank-you-notes.com--Samples of a wide variety of thank you notes, including thank you poems, and advice on writing your own thank you notes.
  • The Oracle Institute Love Project--A book for sale by the Institute that includes one of my poems along with those of a host of others.
  • The Road Less Traveled--A blog post by Linda Chitwood about how Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken," affected her in her trials and tribulations while navigating mesothelioma.
  • Top Pun's Blog--Poems, many political, at once both serious and punny.
  • Tween-Verses.com--Poems by Richard Thomas written for and about tweens and young teens and their lives.
  • Unquiet Desperation--A poetry zine and community, where you can submit your work and receive either light or serious feedback and constructive criticism.
  • The Ultimate Poetry Resource Guide--A listing of Web sites containing ideas for poetry and poetry collections, lessons, and activities.
  • WonderPoems.com--Free poems for birthdays, friendship, love, humor, and more.
  • Words that Rhyme--A searchable database of rhymes.
  • Writerslounge.net--A community platform for free poems: Submit, read, and rate poems.
  • Writers-Network --A writing community that offers free personal Web sites to writers and poets to publish their poems and short stories.