Metaphysical Proverbs

Music: Zzunknown.
By Van Lam Nguyen.

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Nicholas Gordon

1. Things are or not in relation to the motion of consciousness through time.

2. Imagination constructs experience from the spindrift of a vast and violent sea.

3. This process evolved through natural selection.

4. Therefore the only possible definition of truth is pragmatic.

5. Whatever is, is as it is in relation to an observer. To a different kind of observer, with different senses and imaginative processes, it would be an entirely different sort of thing.

6. To no observer, in itself, an object is potentially as many different kinds of things as there are different kinds of possible observers; that is, both infinite and nothing.

7. Most of what lies outside our consciousness is to us unimaginable.

8. The further we wander from the realms we evolved to experience, the more dumbfounded we become.

9. Since we continue to wander further and further, we continue to be dumbfounded in increasingly sophisticated ways.

10. Death is our experience of the end of individual consciousness.

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