Lust Is No More Physical than Love

Music: Jesus Christus, unser Heiland,
der von uns den Gottes Zorn wandt (BWV 665).
By J.S. Bach. Sequenced by Margareth Greentree at Kunst der Fuge.

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Nicholas Gordon

Lust is no more physical than love.
Feeling is the fuel that feeds that fire,
A flame that might, controlled, pure pleasure prove.
The language of the psyche is desire.
One is dragged towards ecstasy by need:
For power, vengeance, salience, self-esteem.
One wants sometimes to make one's landscape bleed,
To penetrate the borders of the dream.
Lust's a fantasy, sometimes made real,
Oft sustained by willful ignorance.
The more one sees, the more one's apt to feel
A need for what the love of others grants.
Within love's bounds, lust can be a joy;
Outside of love, it is a child's toy.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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