Jesse and Tiffany Married Quite Young

Music: Lord Franklin.
Sequenced by Barry Taylor.

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Nicholas Gordon

Jesse and Tiffany married quite young,
Each to the other a passionate friend.
Some say such early love doesn't last long;
Some say such faith will win out in the end.
Early or late, love is ever the same:
A joy in the joy of another; an art
Naive yet mature; and a will to sustain,
Despite one's own demons, the dreams of the heart.
To Jesse and Tiffany, then, for a life
In which love is the song that's most frequently heard,
For the music that plays in a husband and wife
Finds no beauty without the sweet sound of one word.
All of your pleasure and all of your pain
Now are joined in a moment that won't come again
Yet will sing through your years like a soft summer wind.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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