I End My Letters, "Thoughts, Prayers, and Heart"

Music: 3 Part Canon in Epidiatesseron
By Johannes Ockeghem. Sequenced by David Cooke.

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I end my letters, "Thoughts, prayers, and heart"
Because that's where I keep you now you're gone
These long and bitter years I've been alone.
I have neither the aptitude nor art
To tell you how it feels to be apart
From you, where passion turns to stone,
And all I do is hunger for my home
Across a sea too changeable to chart.
Please remember always that I love you
Though time and distance try to intervene,
And I can hold you only from afar.
I find I can endure my life without you
By treasuring what grace cannot be seen:
The silent wonder simply that you are.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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