I Do Not Wish to Undermine Your Sorrow

Music: Mathis der Maler: 2nd Movement (Grablegung).
By Paul Hindemith. Sequenced by David Siu at Kunst der Fuge.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

I do not wish to undermine your sorrow
Or blunt the healing power of your pain,
But there will be another day tomorrow,
And you will, yes, be happy once again.
Grief is music, sad but full of beauty,
Song of love that ought not last too long.
If it lasts, it turns into self-pity,
Which does both mourned and mourner grievous wrong.
Grief is just a shaft of mourning sunlight.
It is not all-consuming like the night.
Soon the clouds will burn away, and one light
Of love will shine, ubiquitous and bright.
Love is one, beyond all joy and grief.
Love is the tree, and each beloved the leaf.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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