I Didn't Get a Chance to Say I Love You

Music: Sonata in G Minor -- Introduzione: Largo; Ist Movement: Allegro.
By Muzio Clementi. Performed by Nathan Eckel at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Public Domain license.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

I didn't get a chance to say I love you.
You were gone before we got that far.
All I know is now I really need you,
Yet when I look for you, you aren't there.

You said once that you never would forget me,
Yet how am I to know without you here?
Such emptiness! Like what I feel within me:
Neither flesh nor tears, just cold thin air.

Sometimes, alone, I feel your arms around me,
And all my need for you spills out in pain.
Jagged memories of you surround me.
I cannot think I won't see you again.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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