Here Among the Dishes, Pots, and Pans

Music: Flore.
By Raphae.
Performed by Raphae at the Free Music Archive
under an Attribution - Non-Commercial license.

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Here among the dishes, pots, and pans,
Ants and spiders, fungi, mites, and mold,
Pastries, pastas, fears of growing old,
Passions, plaints, pills, purposes, and plans;
Yes, here among arthritic, blue-veined hands,
The whispered warnings of the coming cold;
Well-worn tales all-too-often told,
Easy words too clear to understand;
Nestled deep beneath this restless sea,
These waves that break above our sunken shores,
Yearning, turning, yearning yet again,
There we are, somehow still in love.
How beautiful! The land of you and me,
Innocent beyond all care or cause,
Restoring in Atlantis Eden's reign
Deep below the world in which we move.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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