Greatness Is the Child of Choice and Chance

Music: It Always Rains in England. Based on a chorale by J.S. Bach.
By Ergo Phizmiz. Performed by Ergo Phizmiz at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike license.

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Nicholas Gordon

Greatness is the child of choice and chance,
Even when one's character is right.
One must fit the urgent circumstance,
Requiring wrongs that one's gifts can requite.
Greatness needs a time that calls for greatness,
Embracing an entire generation,
When some grave danger, failure, or injustice
Awaits a leader to unite the nation.
So might the mantle fall upon a soul
Having just the qualities to be
In mien and temper suited to the role.
Nor ought one, chosen, turn down history.
Greatness waits upon one like a bride
That knows well one's humility and pride,
On which she plays to keep one by her side.
Nor, after, will one care how much she lied.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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