Sorry for Being a Jealous Cow

Music: Pavanne for Shawm Band.
Sequenced by Curtis Clark at The Internet Renaissance Band.

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Nicholas Gordon

Sorry for being a jealous cow
And not trusting you.
Love should move me to believe
That what you say is true.

If I love you, I respect
Your character and word.
To love someone and live in fear
I see now is absurd.

But it was love that made me fear,
A selfish, steel-hard love
That twists itself around itself
To chain what it should move.

A love of desperate need, not joy,
Of codicils, not song.
A love that grasps instead of gives,
Most weak when it's most strong.

So please forgive my lack of trust;
I know much better now.
My love for you will not again
Make me a jealous cow.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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