Proverbs on Consciousness

Music: Fugue in Bb Minor.
By Dimitri Shostakovich. Sequenced by
J. Marques.

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1. Consciousness is the product of natural selection, like enlarged canines or binocular vision.

2. Matter and spirit, time and eternity, subject and object are dualities of perspective, as one can look from various angles at a single scene.

3. Brain activity causes thought as the movement of a bow across a string causes music; thought causes brain activity as music causes the movement of a bow across a string.

4. Thought and music exist both within and outside of time.

5. Now is a point without dimension; the future is imagination; the past is memory.

6. The self is the subject of infinite regress.

7. The separation of consciousness from the whole of being is an illusion that can be overcome only by an act of imagination.

8. Death is the permanent loss of consciousness, which does not by any means end one's existence, only one's consciousness.

9. Since consciousness is a function of the brain, it cannot outlive the brain, any more than sight can outlive the eye.

10. All being is one, single and indivisible, both within and outside of time.

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