Congratulations on Your Doctorate

Music:Fugue. From the Quintet in G Minor for violins,
viola, cello, and piano. By Dmitri Shostakovich.
Sequenced by Dmitri Bachovich, at Kunst der Fuge.

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Congratulations on your doctorate!
One must not only dare, but persevere,
Not giving in to stress, fatigue, or fear,
Grinding out the hours obdurate.
Rewards, we hope, will be commensurate:
A passionate and interesting career;
The joy of making truth a bit more clear,
Unafraid to speak your mind on it.
Let your happiness for now take wing
As you rest on the mountaintop awhile,
The victor in your struggle with yourself.
In time, of course, the world will cease to sing.
One must at length that piece of paper file,
No less basking in one's inner smile,
Still savoring one's well-earned inner wealth.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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