Chapter 18

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the society met--Edwardsville Spectator, Nov. 20, 1819. The same report appeared in the Gazette of the same date and in the Intelligencer on Nov. 17, 1819. Back

I am afraid--Dolley Madison to Edward Coles, Sept. 5, 1819, Princeton University Library. Back

during the whole time--Edward Coles to Rebecca Coles, Dec. 30, 1819, Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Back

among the happiest days of the year--Edward Coles to Richard Cutts, March 26, 1820, Illinois State Historical Library. Back

In April he went back--Edward Coles to Rebecca Coles, April 19, 1820, Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The May 20, 1820, issue of the Edwardsville Spectator contains the following strange announcement: Nicholas Hansen and Daniel Tolman were yesterday elected Trustees of the town of Edwardsville, to supply the vacancies occasioned by the resignations of Josias Randle and Edward Coles. Since there is no other mention of Coles as a town trustee--either of his election or of his tenure in office--and no mention in any of Coles' letters or autobiographies, it is possible that this announcement is in error. However, it is also possible that Coles served briefly as a town trustee and resigned when he left Illinois for an extended period. Back

send no advocate for slavery--Illinois Gazette, August 5, 1820. Back

Great pains have been taken--Ibid., July 22, 1820. Back

Not so--Ibid. Back

In a letter to the Illinois Intelligencer--Ninian Wirt Edwards, History of Illinois, from 1778-1833: And Life and Times of Ninian Edwards, 1870, p. 185. See also the Illinois Gazette, Aug. 5, 1820. Back

The editor now declares--Ibid., May 19, 1819. Back

With regard to the Salines--Illinois Gazette, July 8, 1820. Back

The inhabitants of Peoria--Edward Coles to William Crawford, Nov. 10, 1820, in Clarence Alvord, Governor Edward Coles, Illinois Historical Society Library, 1920, pp. 222-253. Back

To enable you--Edward Coles to Daniel Cook, Nov. 15, 1820, Chicago Historical Society, in Alvord, pp. 253-255. Back

In a letter to John--Isaac Coles to John Coles III, January 4, 1821, Roberts Coles Collection. Back

Coles says he worked night and day--Edward Coles to Isaetta Carter, Nov. 28, 1820, University of Virginia Library. This letter also contains the flowery passages quoted below. Back.

who had come west--Isaac's movements are recorded in the Almanac Dates in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Back

By April 1821--Isaac Coles to John Coles III, April 26, 1821, Roberts Coles Collection. Back

Think how you would feel--Edward Coles to Mary Carter, April 18, 1821, University of Virginia Library. Back

Edward Coles

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