I was born in 1940 in Albany, N.Y., but have lived in New York City or its environs for most of my life. I am married, with three adult children. I have a bachelor's degree in English literature from Queens College, CUNY, and a master's and doctorate in English and American literature from Stanford University. I am retired. For much of my working life, I taught English at New Jersey City University.

I first got interested in Edward Coles through my father, Max Gordon, who wrote his Master's thesis in history at Columbia University on Coles and on the constitutional referendum struggle in Illinois (The Slavery Conflict on the Illinois Frontier, 1961). Thinking to write a children's book on Coles, I began doing research in the early 1970's, only to discover more than enough material for a full-length biography. However, since my field of expertise was literature, not history, eventually I put the project aside, and it lay in my files until now.

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