On Being: Experience of: Goodness

Music: Chaconne from the Suite in E Flat.
By Gustav Holst. Sequenced by George Pollen.

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On Being

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1. All life desires and creates life. To be is the ultimate good.

2. Often being is so painful that one longs for non-existence. Yet such pain is the result of loss--of a loved one, of esteem, of normal functioning.

3. Thus the longing for nothingness arises from a loss of being. Were the loved one, the esteem, or the functioning restored, one would no longer desire oblivion.

4. Evil is a depravation of being. Hatred, greed, and lust arise from depravation and are resolved by restoration, not of material things or sexual pleasure, but of love.

5. Since the very worst evil arises from the ideology of those who are persuaded that they are doing good, such evil can be resolved only by adding love and compassion to the experience of those who live alone by reason and faith. It is, in fact, the very thinness of their experience that leads such to evil, as can be heard in the shrillness of their words and seen in the cold glare of their eyes.

6. The more love, the more being; the less love, the less being.

7. Evil arises from a limitation of love--to oneself or one's family, or to one's tribe, nationality, or religion. No matter how intense such love, it is a depravation of being and therefore a potent source of evil.

8. Goodness arises from universal love, first for being itself, or God, and then for all creation. Such love is a sun, rather than a laser beam, giving life equally to all.

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