On Being: Being in Time: God

Music: Chaconne from the Suite in E Flat.
By Gustav Holst. Sequenced by George Pollen.

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1. Like death and nothingness, God has meaning only within time. Outside of time, being simply is.

2. One may find it easier to grasp being by giving it form. This is not to lay a mask over being so much as to find words for the wordless so that one might speak.

3. What one sees is a rendition of being that may aid one in living with dignity and grace.

4. God is, then, a rendition of being in time.

5. But God ought not be mistaken for being any more than the portrait the person or the word the meaning. The God we know, like the world we know, is but a glimpse of what is.

6. When people of faith make this mistake, they tend to become arrogant and intolerant, believing that they alone are in possession of the truth. Such faiths have perpetrated the greatest evils known to humankind.

7. A humble faith, however, enabling one to speak to being as to a loved one, and to receive what one takes as an answer, can be a source of great good.

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