On Being: Attributes: Eternal

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1. Since time is a dimension of being, being is no more subject to time than it is to length, width, or depth.

2. Time exists within being; being does not exist within time.

3. Although being is eternal, it does not follow that time is eternal. For not all beings exist simultaneously in all dimensions.

4. For example, a point has neither length, width, nor depth. A mathematical equation is true without regard to time or place. And scientists believe that neither time nor space exists within a black hole. Moreover, they speculate that time began with the Big Bang and may end if the universe either collapses back in upon itself or reaches an equilibrium in which objects become motionless.

5. Thus time can have beginnings and endings, whereas being cannot have either a beginning or an end.

6. Being simply is, and cannot not be. For nothing is a pseudo-concept, a name for what cannot exist. Thus there is no alternative state to being, and therefore no possibility of either a beginning or an end.

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