Thirteen Is a Very Lucky Number

Music: Aria Variata, BVW989, Variation #1.
by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Performed by Brendan Kinsella at the Free Music Archive
under a Copyright-Only Dedication license.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Thirteen is a very lucky number,
Having been for years misunderstood.
If thirteen males attended The Last Supper,
Remember, God used Judas for our good.
Though thirteen moons a year might seem too many,
Each extra should be thought of as a gift,
Enhancing nights that else would not have any
Naked lamp to light love's languid drift.
Yet twelve evokes a masculine perfection,
Embodying a circuit of the sun.
A lunar year, more feminine, needs correction,
Restored by adding beauty, passion, fun.
So may you find this year a lucky one!

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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