On Wisdom: Attributes: Rationality

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On Wisdom

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1. Religions are the raiments of wisdom.

2. God is a metaphor for being.

3. All wisdom can be comprehended with reference to the material world.

4. This is not to deny the spirituality of wisdom, but rather the separation of the spiritual from the material.

5. The limitations of reason are the limitations of wisdom; the scope of reason is the scope of wisdom.

6. Experience is the landscape through which reason travels, determining what reason sees.

7. Belief in divine intervention in human affairs, or in life after death, or in reincarnation, is belief, not wisdom.

8. Mystical experience is experience, not wisdom.

9. Esoteric knowledge is knowledge, not wisdom. Esoteric practice is practice, not wisdom.

10. Wisdom must be owned, which is to say that it cannot be borrowed from scripture, faith, or tradition, but must come from one's own reason working within the sphere of one's own experience.

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