Welcome to This Wide-Eyed World

Music: Iced Spring Theme.
By Peter Rudenko.
Performed by Peter Rudenko at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Welcome to this wide-eyed world,
This loving, gentle wonderland,
Where fluffy lambs lie near at hand,
Their ears in tiny fingers curled;

Where one comes well equipped with toes
And fingers one can use to clutch
And rub and scratch and feel and touch
One's soft cheek, one's crusty nose.

What magic in the moment!
What delight in joy!
Life dances through the morning
Of a little boy.

What ebb and flow of feeling
Beneath an inner moon!
A symphony of senses,
A rich, rhapsodic tune!

Welcome to this wide-eyed world,
Where everything is dark and light,
Where faces smile day and night
And beam as one's own smile unfurls;

Where love begins its ancient song
As one is kissed, caressed, and held,
Each pain allayed, each hunger quelled,
The love bonds woven thick and strong,
The love bonds thick and strong.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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