On Wisdom: Modern World: Change

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By J.S. Bach. Sequenced by George Pollen.

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On Wisdom

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1. Wisdom is universal, rooted in human nature, which has evolved over millennia. But it is not eternal because human nature, although slow to change, is not eternal.

2. We ought, then, to consider wisdom as we do mountains or the sea -- changing, but on a scale so vast and slow that to us it seems eternal.

3. Still, wisdom will change as human nature changes. For what is wise for the fox is not necessarily wise for the hare, nor is a human being who will never die except by accident likely to experience death and time in quite the way we do.

4. But human nature is rooted in nature, and nature in being, which is eternal. Thus within wisdom, as within us, is the radiance of being itself, a mystery unchanging that we have been given the grace to share, in common with amoeba, roses, and humans millions of eons hence, if such there be: eternity within time, the eternal source of wisdom everlasting, of which our wisdom is merely a breath of wonder.

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