Before Us Is Nothing, Neither Future nor Past

Music: Goldberg Variations, Variation 10
By J.S. Bach. Sequenced by Lory Werths

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Before us is nothing, neither future nor past.
One's eager limbs can stretch only so far.
Nor can we become too much more than we are:
Numinous, resplendent, unlikely to last.
In every moment we are all we can be,
Existence's essence can be nothing less,
All rapidly burning towards nothingness,
Nanothings shining on some starlit sea.
Do we know we are stars, seaweed, galaxies, quarks,
For eons or seconds, exactly the same,
Relative twists in the web of space-time?
All is. The same is. All is the same,
No cosmic cloud less a wonder than slime.
Kansas or Oz, Toto still barks.
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