A Working Mother's Always at the Mercy

Music: Art of the Fugue, Contrapunctus 1
By J.S. Bach. Sequencer unknown. Modified by David Grossman.

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A working mother's always at the mercy
Of those she has entrusted with her child.
Her heart berates her frequently but tersely
'Til once again she sees that fortune's smiled.
I'm blessed that I can trust you so completely
With the person who is closest to my heart.
You care for him not only well but sweetly,
Loving him as I when we're apart.
I cannot bear to think what I would do
If I could not be easy in my choice.
I thank the Lord each day that I have you,
And in that fortune silently rejoice.
Thank you for the care and love you give.
Without you I don't know how I would live.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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