Out of Love Comes All in Life that Matters

Music: Kyrie from the Missa quarti toni.
By Tomas Luis de Vittoria.
Sequenced by John H. McCloskey, at Kunst der Fuge.

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Nicholas Gordon

Out of love comes all in life that matters;
Nor can one love unless one knows one's need.
Years are walls against which passion shatters,
Opening the way for joys that bleed.
Underneath the choice of who is how,
Requiring one again each day to choose,
Embracing a forever ever now,
Not least because one fears what one might lose.
Given its immensity, the choice
Astounds, as blind or provident as fate;
Given its beauty, one can but rejoice,
Evangelist alight before the gate.
More than how one lives is how one loves,
Ever the terrain through which one moves,
Not shaped by fortune, but the work of will,
Though fortune ride the wind for good or ill.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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