Happy Father's Day to a Dear Uncle

Music: Voluntarie: for my ladye nevell.
By William Byrd. Sequenced by
John Sankey.

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Father's Day

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Happy Father's Day to a dear uncle!
A pillar of my life and of my joy;
Patient, though I may your cover rumple;
Pleased to be both playmate and large toy.
Yours is the quiet sanity I count on,
Familiar in the space around your voice,
A gentle, well-trained wisdom I can mount on
To ride to the persuasion of my choice.
Here I am, then, at your doorstep waiting,
Eager to be held by you and play,
Ravenous with hunger there's no sating,
'Mid your life a willful piece of clay.
So will we join our destinies in this
Dependency, which someday I will miss,
A long, consuming moment which, when done,
Yet will shape the journeys still to run.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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