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Angels Just Love Weddings, Don't You Think

Music: The Little Shepherd. From The Children's Corner Suite.
By Claude Debussy. Sequenced by Jeruen E. Dery, at Kunst der Fuge.

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Angels just love weddings, don't you think?
No one sees them, but we know they're there,
Golden halos lassoing their hair,
Embodying a love beyond the brink.
Love draws them in like revelers to drink,
Alive in love, breathing love like air,
Amorous in ways we could not bear,
Needing us to be love's earthly link.
Do, then, with an angel's ecstasy,
Make your lives an amorous delight,
Intimate in ways both sure and sly,
Chaste but in the chamber of your love.
Heaven is not quite a fantasy;
Angels hover near, awaiting night.
Eden was a place where none was shy,
Loving as the naked lust might move.

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